“Everyone should learn at one’s own pace”

by amit.deutsch on October 7, 2012

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Amit Deutsch, Mohamed Yassine, Nancy Otero


“Everyone should learn at one’s own pace”


Things we agree:


-There are different types of learning, and because of that people learn at different paces and in different ways.

-We want the children to learn how to learn, and some children have already acquired this skill, and some have not.

-We are wasting the time of kids who might already know something that’s being taught, and we are wasting the time of the kids who might not be ready to learn that topic.

-If you teach every kids in a classroom at the exact same pace, it’s almost impossible to have a situation where everyone is in the same place intellectually, emotionally, etc., so you’re almost guaranteed to be losing learners in the process.

-Also, now we have the technologies to make independent and individually-tailored learning possible.

-Examples: We can have technology platforms that allow kids to learn things, and the teachers can help individual students who are struggling with different concepts. For example, in a geometry classroom, some kids will be learning about angles if they are struggling with them, other kids will be learning about another topic if they’ve already mastered angles.

-This way, we can have the faster learners for a given topic help out the slower learners for a given topic.


Things we don’t agree:


-This can create a lot of marginalization, this might create more of a divide between the top of the class (who might then get more attention and resources) and the bottom of the class (who might then be neglected)

-If a student isn’t highly motivated or doesn’t like the topic, they might not push themselves to advance at the pace at which they could be learning if someone were pushing them.

-It would be much harder to have standards and assessments if everyone is in a completely different place academically.

-Students might not know what they’re own pace is

-This creates a susceptibility to succumbing to procrastination and laziness!

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