After having posted my thoughts (and questions) last night and having read some responses from others, I find that many seem to be skeptical about the development of an elaborate “artificial” tool to teach proportionality. Much of the skepticism I think stems from the fact that we believe this is an “everyday” math concept. That it can be learned through hands-on activities that foster the conceptual understanding of this seemingly simple math concept. Maybe some of our issues arise from the fact that we see the MIT as a standalone teaching tool. What if the ideas in the MIT could instead be incorporated into a game – a Wii-kind-of-game for example – where the same principles would be endogenous to the game, and kids would be employing (and learning/reinforcing) principles of proportionality in order to play¬† (and get ahead in) the game? Speaking for myself, I think I would find such applicability of this experimental tool to have more appeal than the standalone version we’ve read about.