Software review

  • Mindstorms (robotics)
  • Pico Crickets (robotics)
  • Vernier and PASCO (sensing and data collection)
  • HubNet (participatory simulations)
  • StarLogo TNG (block-programming, 3D ABM)
  • Behavior composer (block-programming ABM
  • Alice (block-programming, game-programming environment)
  • BYOB Scratch (block-programming)
  • SnapCircuits (Circuit design)
  • Lilypad (Textile computing)
  • Some non-basic Arduino shields (you can pick your favorite — physical computing)
  • NetDuino/Chipino/Propeller/etc. (Physical computing, microcontroller-based boards)
  • ModKit (Block-based Arduino programming)
  • Tuneblocks (Music)
  • Geometer’s Sketchpad
  • SimCalc (Math & Calculus)
  • YENKA (Science modeling)
  • STELLA (System dynamics & science modeling)
  • Interactive Physics (Physics)
  • EToys (Graphical programming)
  • Topobo (Tangible programming)
  • Hyperscore (Music)


  • shimasalehi
    #1 written by shimasalehi 5 years ago

    STELLA, TOPOBO, Geometer’s Sketchpad

    We prefer STELLA the most.

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